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Mac Miller & Frick Park Market

Mac Miller is a beloved musician and Pittsburgh native. Mac frequently stopped by the market throughout his childhood to get his favorite after school snacks and sandwiches. Later when he started his music career, he wrote the song "Frick Park Market" and shot the music video inside. With his rising fame, the market also gained attention from across the globe. Now, fans from all over the world come to visit  to get a glimpse into Mac's life. 

Mac Miller's legacy is kept alive at Frick Park Market by visitor tours, meeting fans, and keeping up with his lyrics: "Anything you need you can find it at the market"

Additionally, the market respects and believes in the mission of the Mac Miller Fund at the Pittsburgh Foundation.

"Supporting young musicians with resources to help realize their full potential through exploration, expression and community." - The Pittsburgh Foundation.

  With every purchase of Frick Park Market merchandise, 5% of proceeds are donated to the fund. If you would like to make a donation to the Mac Miller fund, please click here.

Mac Miller has left an incredible mark on Pittsburgh and Frick Park Market, and he is dearly missed.

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